Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We aren't agile..

Boy, how the months have gone by. I guess anyone who's had any remote interest in this band, deserves a quick update.

Things got kinda slow after Dave and I moved to Queens. We now had a two hour distance between us and new schedules to work around. Meanwhile, the tracks for a planned 7 inch were flopped around in an elongated mixing tornado and I guess we lost sight. We all continued with prior band engagements; Dave's being THE GREEK FAVOURITES, Bill's being CAPTAIN, WE'RE SINKING. Somewhere along the way, a new project sparked. Bill collaborated with Drew (Get Stoked) and Bear (Mouthin Off) to form a heavy hardcore band. Sean and I hopped on the wagon shortly after and the five of us became KIDS (

Nothing is planned but is strongly hoped for.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After 4 months of limbo, we are playing a show. It's at a house in West Philly, if you don't know exactly where it is, ask one of them Bike Punx. It's gonna be a kick-in-the-dick kind of time! Here are some reasons you should go...

PINK COFFINS (Philadelphia, PA: ex-members of K.T.M.W.Q. and Off Minor.)
TOTAL WRECK (Charlottesville, VA: Thrashing with scissors.)
CROOKED TEETH (Richmond, VA: Thrashing just as hard, but with a girl on the team.)


We'll probably open. Show at 7:00PM, over by 10:00PM. Door price you can figure out if you find the place. Catch the vapors.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking a nasty dump...

I figured I should post this...

Tony Godino is a champion. Anyone who says he isn't... we probably won't argue with you. We like him, though. Check this site out. It has all upcoming shows to AVA House in South Philadelphia, PA and The Terrordome in West Philadelphia, PA. It also has links to many cool things like bands and bookstores and porn shops. We will probably have him put our 7" up there for free download when we get it done. Seriously, check it out. I'm talking to myself again...